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Unstructured inputs,
structured outputs

Our autonomous agents analyze selected logs, delivering clear and actionable results for you. Qevlar AI provides versatile deployment choices, from on-premise to hosted.

Autonomous agents

Each time an alert is triggered, a new agent will autonomously ensure comprehensive threat detection. Our scalable, explainable, and proprietary AI conducts deep investigations, requiring no manual inputs.

Comprehensive outcomes

Following any investigation, Qevlar AI delivers consistent formatting for enhanced clarity:

- Qevlar Risk Score

- Detailed report

- Investigation graph


Effortlessly meshing with your SIEM and EDR systems through dedicated connectors, our technology mirrors the comprehensive viewpoint of your top analysts, facilitating exhaustive investigations.

Flexible deployment

Choose how you deploy – on-premises or in the cloud. Thanks to our proprietary AI models, your data is always secure.


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