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Give your SOC

Help analysts prioritize and remediate threats with autonomous alert investigation.

Focus on your most critical alerts, without burning out.

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24/7 Protection

All attack vectors. All attack types. All the time.

Explainable AI

Review and validate end-to-end investigations.

Integrate Anything

Effortlessly integrate with any tech environment and tools.

How it works

Step 1

Autonomous agents investigate alerts from SIEM/EDR tools as soon as they’re triggered.

Step 2

Qevlar AI assigns risk scores, generates comprehensive reports, and suggests remedial action.

Step 3

SOC analysts review alerts deemed most critical, validate outcomes, and take suggested next steps.

“We were blown away by Qevlar's investigation outputs during the pilot; the more we connected to our internal information sources, the more relevant the investigation became. It uncovered some very unexpected and precious insights on our defensive posture.”

- CISO at Global MSSP

Prequalify alerts in 90 seconds without playbooks

Qevlar’s autonomous agents conduct exhaustive investigations of every alert and assign each a risk score based on the potential impact on operations, security, and data integrity. 

Unlike SOARs, Qevlar AI takes a non-deterministic approach and doesn’t need to be parametrized. Actions are selected and run 100% independently, meaning analysts reduce time spent on each alert by 90%.

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Review and validate end-to-end investigations

Detailed reports are generated after every investigation, including an incident overview, a breakdown of the factors that contributed to the alert’s final risk score, and suggested next steps.


Qevlar AI’s remediation suggestion engine considers users’ unique contexts, so

recommendations are more personalized and actionable.

Pre-built connectors for every integration

Qevlar AI integrates with whatever SIEM, EDR, and CTI tools you’re using, and autonomously pulls and enriches data from your environment and external sources. 


The more sources it can query in the course of its investigation, the richer the end report.

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See Qevlar AI in action.

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