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Autonomous SOC investigation

Make the most of our proprietary agents, powered by explainable artificial intelligence. No playbook needed.

All your alerts, covered

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Explainable AI decisions
24/7 relentless agents
Focus on alerts that matter

Our traceable platform fits to your environment and covers all types of alerts. 




Why bother triaging the alerts? Qevlar AI does it for you.

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Easy to install

Everything-agnostic, connect your SIEM, EDR, CTI, whatever.

Seamlessly integrate your tech stack with our flexible and secure technology.

90% time saved

Our goal is to make SOC team members' life easier.

Up to 90% time saved per alert investigated.

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Fully automated

No human in the loop, just take a back seat.

Unlike existing automation solutions, Qevlar AI doesn't rely on playbooks, enabling deeper and more complex investigations.

Security & Compliance

Your security is important. Ours too.

Every piece of your data is shielded - whether it's on the move or at rest -thanks to our advanced encryption techniques.


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