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On a mission to scale security operations

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

In the fast-paced world of cybersecurity, we at Qevlar AI have witnessed a dramatic shift. The digital battleground is no longer dominated by simple threats; it's now a landscape where hackers wield the latest technologies with increasing sophistication. This evolution has led to a surge in both the frequency and complexity of cyber attacks.

Traditionally, security operations have relied heavily on manual processes or, at best, semi-automated systems that still require significant human intervention and oversight. This approach has become increasingly untenable in the face of modern cyber threats. Recognizing this gap, our team at Qevlar AI embarked on a mission to redefine cybersecurity operations from the ground up.

Our first target was the investigation process – a critical yet time-consuming aspect of cybersecurity. We realized that to make a real difference, we needed to automate this process intelligently. This led us to develop autonomous agents capable of conducting thorough investigations with minimal human input. These agents are not only autonomous but also stack agnostic, meaning they can integrate seamlessly into any technology environment.

The real game-changer, however, lies in the structured output of these agents. This structured data is a goldmine of information, offering unprecedented insights and value. It enables us to transform how Security Operations Centers (SOCs) function.

By leveraging this data, SOCs can shift their focus from labor-intensive investigations to rapid response strategies. This shift is not just about improving efficiency; it's about a paradigm change in cybersecurity operations.

Our autonomous agents have proven to be invaluable tools, enhancing productivity and providing a clearer understanding of the entire security landscape. The insights derived from their structured outputs offer a new level of visibility into the workings of SOCs. This visibility is a two-way street – it not only allows SOCs to optimize their operations but also provides a more transparent view of their efforts and achievements.

At Qevlar AI, our journey is about more than just advancing technology. It's about reshaping the very foundations of cybersecurity operations. We're driven by the vision of a digital world where SOCs are not just reactive forces but proactive guardians, equipped to stay ahead of threats in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Our recent $5M seed round led by EQT Ventures, with significant contributions from our co-founder and advisor Roland de la Chapelle (Serial Entrepreneur), and our Business Angels - Florian Douetteau (CEO of Dataiku), Olivier Pomel (CEO of Datadog), Mehdi Ghissassi (Director of Product at Google Deepmind), Edouard Viot (VP at GitGuardian), and Tarik Dadi (CEO of Qantev) - underscores our commitment to revolutionizing cybersecurity operations. This funding is crucial for Qevlar AI, enabling us to assemble a dedicated team that's fully focused on taking security operations to the next level.

Join us in this exciting journey as we leverage the power of AI to make the digital world safer for everyone. Ahmed & Hamza


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