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All you need to know about us

Our mission

At Qevlar AI, we're on a mission to revolutionize the way Security Operations Center teams operate. With a commitment to leveraging advanced AI automation, we aim to empower SOC teams, to eliminate redundant tasks and refocus on what truly matters - making the most of every employee within the SecOps team.

Our values

Our values drive both our client interactions and our culture. We hold integrity and commitment to data protection at our core. Trust and cooperation define our client relationships, fostering strong connections.


Additionally, we cultivate innovation and individual ownership, encouraging proactive approaches and bold thinking. This empowers our team to provide effective solutions and contribute to a secure, collaborative digital landscape.

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Our team

With backgrounds spanning mathematics, computer engineering, data, and notable achievements in startup building, scaling, financing, and selling. Qevlar AI team offers a unique mix of technical acumen and strategic insight.


Contact us

Let's discuss SOC automation, partnerships, information.

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